MXR Sugar Drive Mini Pedal

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MXR Sugar Drive Mini Pedal this pedal, with a simple three knob setup and an MXR mini housing, provides a diverse range of clear and transparent overdrive tones; from sauced up boosting to blown tube distortion.

It’s based on a rare overdrive pedal that has acquired a mythical reputation among fanatical tone seekers thanks to its unique circuit design. The key elements are the drive control and something called a ‘voltage doubler’. The drive control doesn’t just increase the intensity of the overdrive pedal. It starts with your clean signal and then blends it with the overdrive effect as you turn it up, replicating the smooth transition of an amplifier going from clean to dirty.

The voltage doubler increases overall headroom, which opens everything up nicely. If you’re all about true bypass, then you’re in luck – this pedal uses it by default. The original used buffered bypass though, and we know there’s a lot of players out there who don’t want to fix something that isn’t broken. They’re in luck, too – just flick the buffer switch on the side of the pedal to enable buffered bypassing. True hardwire and buffered bypass.


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