Vox AC4TV All Tube Guitar Amp Combo

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Vox AC4TV All Tube Guitar Amp Combo

Vox AC4TV All Tube Guitar Amp Combo pump out your cover songs or original masterpieces with the VOX AC3TV guitar amplifier at your side. This tiny amp is the perfect selection for at-home practice and features one EL84 tube and three different outputs modes to find the perfect volume for anything from a bedroom to a garage. Maintain clarity and power with this amp’s Celestion 10-inch speaker and 12AX7 pre-amp to improve upon your natural talent.

Master tone and volume controls let you fine tune your guitar’s sound to match external audio or another instrument. A standard-sized input and output jack ensure use with a variety of different instruments, mixing interfaces, or other audio monitoring devices.

  • This mini EL84 tube-powered amp is the perfect choice for rehearsal
  • Three different output controls let you accommodate differently sized rooms
  • Celestion 10-inch speaker offers durability and power
  • Master volume and tone control knobs let you adjust audio accordingly
  • Standard-sized jacks allow for use with many different types of hardware
  • European-inspired design looks great at home or on stage


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