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ULBRICK NRS Model 2 Noise Reduction System (6.5k – 7.5k)

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Introducing the ULBRICK NRS – Noise Reduction System…

The ULBRICK NRS Noise Reduction System is a unique device that removes the hum of electric guitar pickups. Featuring low impedance, low inductance directional antenna with proprietary technology.

ULBRICK NRS Model 2 (6.5k – 7.5k) Perfect for higher output Stratocaster®, Telecaster® pickups and Fender Jazz® basses

ULBRICK is a very well know name in the Australian music, over 40 years of experience as a world-class guitar technician, musician, guitar effects and custom hand made amplifier builder has made the impossible possible.

There are plenty of ways to limit this hum that are intrusive, complicated and ultimately hinder the tone of your single coil pickups. That is why this is a game changer!

The ULBRICK Noise Reduction System is incredibly simple, impossibly efficient and works far better than anything else with zero loss in tone – which is why we patented the heck out of it!

Now you can enjoy your favourite guitar in any situation thanks to the ULBRICK Noise Reduction System



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