TonePros Tuners 3 on a side Round White Button Gold


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TonePros Tuners 3 on a side Round White Button Gold

The new TonePros Kluson ”33” models are classic 3 per side vintage style tuners, but with TonePros engineering technologies packed into the vintage box. TonePros is first in the industry again with ”33’s” completely sealed tuner technology applied to the vintage ”Press In Bushing” format. This means that these models Do Not have the hex bolt around the tuner post of more modern tuners, yet these tuners are uniquely designed with extra post support and are very ”tight & exact” in both tuning directions. The ”33” series does not require the large hole size of either of the more modern tuners, in favor of use of a more vintage size peg hole which is either a direct retrofit or minimum modification for installation. New technology design improvements include high 15:1 Tuning Ratio, additional post room for extra string winds, attention to vintage weight & mass, vintage aged ”Butterscotch Keystone” colored buttons, and high performance & quality packed into the original ”official” Kluson name plate.





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