TonePros Bridge (large post Metric “Roller” saddles) Gold

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TonePros Bridge (large post Metric “Roller” saddles) Gold

The TonePros TPFR is a locking Nashville style bridge with flat head saddle adjustment screws, TonePros “Roller” saddles, large posts, and metric thread. The TonePros design roller saddles are engineered to allow the strings to roll smoothly, while the TonePros patented system locks the bridge solidly in place allowing for the strings to always return exactly in tune when trem’ed. Bigsby and other tremolo users will love this TonePros product, as it will allow them to use their tremolo often without the worry of going out of tune. This model fits most guitars made overseas. Post to Post Spacing: 74mm String Spread: Approx. 10.4mm


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