ToneGear String cleaner Violin / Viola



ToneGear String cleaner Violin / Viola

ToneGear String cleaner Violin / Viola extends the life of your strings while preserving their tone. The cleanable micro fibre cloth pads provide long term, low maintenance use. The micro fiber was carefully selected for its specific ability to remove and absorb the previously mentioned harmful oils and dirt left from your fingers.

If you look closely, the micro fiber is made up of thousands and thousands of tiny loops of semi-coated fiber or cloth. When The String Cleaner is in the closed position around the guitar strings, the loops engulf and really wrap around the strings.


  • Extends The Life And Preserves The Tone Of Violin / Viola Strings
  • Revolutionary Design Provides Unprecedented 360 Degree String Cleaning Action
  • Cleanable Microfiber Pads For Long Term Low Maintenance Use
  • No Solution Necessary
  • Revitalizes Used, Old, And Damaged Strings
  • Cleans your strings in seconds
  • Effortless to use
  • Microfiber cloth is hand-washable in regular dishwashing liquid



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