Tone City Holy Aura Distortion Pedal

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Tone City Holy Aura Distortion Pedal

Distortion and Boost,  a USA high gain distortion with 3 stage EQ regulation , gain, presence and ‘tight’ controls with an independent built-in 20db clean boost. Amp in a box design.

“The Tone City Holy Aura Distortion pedal harnesses inspired iconic American sounding amp tones with high gain, sustain and most important distortion goodness. Featuring 3 stages of EQ regulation, gain, presence, volume, and boost. You are able to fully adjust the tone with a wide sonic palette finding that overdriven sweet spot.

Versatility is at the heart of this pedal, allowing you the player a magnitude of different genres, from a clean boost and all the way to extreme distortion, suitable for metal. The possibilities are endless. An easy and initiative interface to work around. The built in boost circuit produces a pure clean tone that has a max of 20db of gain allowing cranked up volumes and gain without losing articulation in the high or low end.

Key Features

  • American Amp Inspired – The Holy Aura emulates iconic American amp tones with a wide sonic palette suitable for all genres of music.
  • Simple and User-Friendly – Built to get the most out of your tone, the Holy Aura enables you to fully explore a vast array of different overdriven/distortion tones, taking you from a clean boost, all the way to a fully distorted wall of sound that preserves articulation without compromise.
  • BuiltIn Boost – The independent boost circuit allows cranked up the gain and volume to add presence to your clean tones without losing the high or low end.


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