Tone City Heavenly Lake Delay and Reverb

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Tone City Heavenly Lake Delay and Reverb

Inspired by Tone City’s Tape Machine and Tiny Spring pedals, the Heavenly Lake goes a step further to provide you with the same great airy and spacious soundscapes, with the ability to refine the decay and depth of your tone. Housed in a bigger ‘two-in-one’ unit, Tone City have upgraded the Tape Machine’s circuitry, adding decay and tone adjustable controls for you to precisely develop your delay for a refined sonic experience.

Stripped back to basics, Tone City have redeveloped the Tiny Spring pedal, to provide you with a more authentic analogue delay effect. Not only does the Heavenly Lake give you more spring in you sound, but it also acts as a modulation unit by experimenting with the Rate and Depth on the Echo circuit, producing some real stellar psychedelic soundscapes.



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