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Tone City Flexo Drive Boost Overdrive Pedal


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Tone City Flexo Drive Boost Overdrive Pedal

The Tone City Flexo Drive Boost Overdrive Pedal supplies 3 different overdrive and boost modes.

Vintage: It is a vintage warm overdrive in 1990s, its wide and rich medium frequency makes it quite retro, but if you want to get a clean and clear overdrive, please do not use this mode.

Open: in this mode, it brings clipping effect of operational amplifier under high overdrive condition, it has more clean boost.

Wide: in this mode, it bring a rough and asymmetric overdirve, it is a very rough and open sound.

Besides, Felxo Drive has a extremely flexible independent boost, you can put boost before OD or after OD by choosing switch, then it can be a drive boost or level boost.

Power Supply: DC 9V adapter (not included).



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