Tone City Big Rumble Overdrive Pedal

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Tone City Big Rumble Overdrive Pedal

Overdrive /Boost,  mix your original clean sound with overdrive at a desiredperfect ratio.  An Attack control has been added to adjust width and thick rich tones, graced with a 20db high gain boost, inspired by Holy Aura. This overdrive is more than suitable for Jazz, Rock and Metal. Lots of tricks in this pony.

Producing a wide sonic palette of rich, responsive low-to-medium tones, the Tone City Big Rumble Overdrive pedal transforms your tone giving you a mix of varied in-between clean and crunchy gain flavours. The Attack knob enables you to adjust the overall fatness tone that can be refined for a punchy attack, or whack it all the way up for a massive wall of sound featuring intertwine distortion elements.

Just like the Holy Aura distortion pedal, the Big Rumble features an independent clean boost circuit that provides just enough gain without compromising the high or low ends of your natural guitar tone. The Big Rumble stompbox is suited to an array of playing styles adding extra flavour dexterity to your tone, elevating your sound to new, versatile heights.

Key Features

  • Simple and User-Friendly – Built to get the most out of your tone, the Big Rumble enables you to fully explore a vast array of different overdriven tones, from a clean boost and all the way to a subtle distortion that preserves articulation without compromise.
  • BuiltIn Boost – The independent boost circuit allows cranked up the gain and volume to add presence to your clean tones without losing the high or low end.
  • Versatile Sonic Palette – Featuring a Jazz/Rock toggle switch, you can seamlessly switch between a bright shimmer or a smooth, creamy full-bodied sound.


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