Tone City Aviator Flanger Pedal

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Tone City Aviator Flanger Pedal

The Tone City Aviator Flanger Pedal is a flanger pedal based on 100% pure analog circuit based on a BBD chip. To profit from enough stock of BBD chip we decide to design and manufacture this pedal.

Fourknobs: Speed, Regen, Width and Time.

“Speed” controls the rotation speed of the flanger effect, which is highly adjustable. You can get metal edge timbre, water wave chorus, and rapid vibrating vibrato.

“Regen” is regeneration, which works like the feedback on other flanger pedals,  and it can increase the effect of whistling or whining.

“Width” adjusts the effect’s depth,

“Time” controls the delay time of flanger effect

Power Supply: DC 9V adapter (not included).




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