Thalia Koa Save the Bees Premium Guitar Capo 24K Gold

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Thalia commits to donate $10 USD for every Save The Bees Capo sold to the following Washington State University Bee Research Initiative

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Thalia Koa Save the Bees Premium Guitar Capo 24K Gold

The Thalia Capo is a complete rethinking of the capo as a piece of art. Our aesthetic goal was to create a truly beautiful capo that would match or compliment the users’ instrument. Its reverse fulcrum point and quick-release design allows for seamless one-handed key changes with fretting hand.

At the heart of the Thalia Capo is its innovative design, featuring a reverse fulcrum point and quick-release mechanism that enables seamless one-handed key changes while fretting. This intentional design philosophy has led to the acquisition of three US patents and four prestigious design awards, solidifying Thalia’s position as an industry leader in capo innovation.

The Thalia Capo’s superior functionality is matched only by its aesthetic appeal. Each capo is meticulously crafted to complement the user’s instrument, embodying a perfect union of form and function. Thalia’s commitment to precision extends to its accessories, ensuring that every component, from the rubber fretpad tuning kits to the quickstart guide and sticker, enhances your playing experience.

Experience the difference with Thalia—a brand driven by a relentless pursuit of excellence and a dedication to creating products that inspire creativity and elevate the art of music.

Every Thalia Capo comes with:

  • Standard Tension Rubber Fretpad Tuning Kit (7 different radii)
  • High Tension Rubber Fretpad Tuning Kits (7 different radii)
  • Quickstart Guide
  • Sticker


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