TC Electronic PolyTune Clip On Tuner Black

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TC Electronic PolyTune Clip On Tuner Black

TC Electronic PolyTune Clip On Tuner Black Take the hassle out of tuning with the TC Electronic PolyTune Clip clip-on guitar tuner, which is engineered for precision and simplicity. Tune all six strings at once with the polyphonic mode, or use the chromatic mode to adjust a single string. The tuner automatically recognizes the correct mode and switches automatically for effortless use. Alternatively, satisfy your sensitive ear by choosing the strobe mode, which is designed for tiny, ultra-precise adjustments with an accuracy of +/- 0.02 cents.

Whether you’re tuning onstage or in the studio, the compact PolyTune Clip is discreet and easy to use. Simply clip it to a convenient spot on your guitar, and the adaptive display senses the position and flips to allow easy reading. Firm pressure keeps the tuner in place, and carefully designed padding protects your instrument. The bright, high-visibility display alerts you to the correct adjustment, whether you’re in a dark concert venue or playing on an outdoor stage. With its lighting-fast speed, the PolyTune Clip makes it easy to spot a wandering pitch and get back on track instantly.

  • State of the art clip-on tuner
  • Polyphonic perfection: the best polyphonic tuner to date
  • New strobe tuner with +/- 0.02 cent accuracy
  • Ultra-bright and easy to read display
  • Adaptive screen: ensures a perfect readout no matter where you place PolyTune Clip
  • Elegant yet durable design
  • High quality stainless steel clip
  • Flat Tunings and Capo Mode
  • Chromatic Only Mode
  • Up to 18 hours of usage via a standard Lithium Coin Battery (CR2032)


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