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Steinberg UR12 Audio Interface USB / iPad

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Steinberg UR12 Audio Interface USB / iPad

The Steinberg UR12 Audio Interface enjoy quick connectivity and exceptional sound quality with this audio interface designed for use with your Apple iPad. This device sports two in and two out USB interfaces that make it simple to hook up instruments, microphones and speakers, and the 192kHz/24bit converters deliver high-impact audio fidelity. The D-PRE function enhances your microphones performance by improving dynamics, depth and detail.

The rugged metal chassis and compact design make this Steinberg UR12 audio interface simple to take along on the go, and its intuitive design lets you record on the fly even if you have very little experience. Compatibility with a wide array of music production and audio editing/mastering software that supports ASIO, Core Audio or WDM standards gives you extra flexibility in creation. It also includes Cubase AI, a complete production environment that takes the guesswork out of input and output channel configurations.

Use the loop-back function to broadcast audio live on the internet, and add your live microphone for podcast streaming of lectures or live musical performances. This function also lets you insert live voice-overs to musical backing tracks, merging signals for high-quality results.

  • 24-bit/192 kHz
  • One Class-A D-PRE mic preamp
  • Rugged metal casing
  • Major recording software compatible
  • iPad connectivity
  • Latency-free hardware monitoring
  • Power source selector
  • Loopback function
  • Cubase AI included





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