Seymour Duncan Little ’59 Pickup for Tele Black

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With its powerful noiseless Strat pickup sound and smooth string-to-string balance, the Hot Stack Strat will transform the bridge and neck positions of your Stratocaster. It is also famous in Nashville as the go-to middle pickup for modified Telecasters.

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Seymour Duncan Little ’59 Pickup for Tele Black

The Little 59 for Tele is like putting a well-balanced, full sized P.A.F. pickup into the bridge position of your Tele. This medium output, single coil sized pickup has a nice, even bass and treble response with a slightly scooped midrange that gives it that classic, full bodied humbucker sound. Great for everything from Country to Rock. The 4-conductor lead wire gives you access to parallel and split wiring options for added versatility. This pickup is a drop-in replacement for a Fender American Standard Telecaster sized pickup route. Pairs well with our Vintage Stack Tele neck pickup.

Hand made in Santa Barbara, CA, the Little 59 for Tele uses a ceramic bar magnet, 4-conductor lead wire for multiple wiring options, and is wax potted for squeal free operation.


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