Schatten Design SDAPA2 Artist 2 Endpin Jack Preamp + 2 Volume Controls

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This two channel preamp is the same preamp that is supplied with our HFN series of guitar pickups, RG-03A and NR-2A resonator pickups, and TCA tricone pickup.

      So the choice is your’s…do I stick a battery in there or don’t I?

The preamp is capable of running from virtually any power source. It can be run from a 9 volt battery onboard the instrument or by any outboard power source between 11 and 48 volts such as Phantom Power as provided by a mixer, PA system, amp or outboard battery pack …..this multi power capability is not just an option, it comes as a standard feature.

         Control at your fingertips

The Artist II Endpin Jack Preamps are available with Thumbwheel volume controls. These discrete units attach simply and easily to the underside of the top at the edge of the soundhole with 3M VHB foam tape.


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