Ruby Tube Vox AC15C1 Premium Replacement Tube Set

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Ruby Tube Vox AC15C1 Premium Replacement Tube Set.

The Vox AC15C1 is a classic amp, this set consists of 3 x Ruby 12AX7AC5’s a high grade preamp tube and 2 premium matched EL84 Power Tubes.

Ruby 12AX7AC5 High Grade Preamp Tubes

The Ruby 12AX7AC5 High Grade Preamp Tube is an extremely popular 12AX7A tube and our best seller here at Eastgate Music. It’s Ruby Tubes  highest quality 12AX7’s!

  • High-grade
  • One of the most popular preamp tubes ever
  • Very insensitive to mechanical noise and microphonic
  • Creamy, warm sound

All Ruby pre-amp tubes are properly tested for quality assurance.

HG Grade: RUBY standard grade that will work in all positions in an amplifier except in very high gain circuits, usually the first gain stage in a combo amplifier.

Ruby EL84CZ Power Tube Matched Pair

Made in the Slovak Republic by JJ Electronics and tested to pefection by Ruby Tubes in the USA.  One of the most powerful EL84’s, much like the GE6BQ5. Great compromise between tone and reliability. Nice mids, sparkling highs and solid bottom end. They can take the heat and vibration in stride without any negative tonal effects.



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