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Ruby 12AX7AC7HG+ High Grade PLUS Pre Amp Tube

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Ruby 12AX7AC7HG+ High Grade PLUS Pre Amp Tube

The Ruby 12AX7AC7HG+ is a one of best quality high grade 12ax7’s on the market. This are a highly sought after preamp tube and hard to keep in stock here at Eastgate! Preferred and revered by many boutique amp builders like Bogner.

Warm tones, sweet overdrive. Same as TAD 7025-S and Preferred Series 7025.A high gain 7025 tube.

All Ruby pre-amp tubes are properly tested for quality assurance.

HG Grade: RUBY standard grade that will work in all positions in an amplifier except in very high gain circuits, usually the first gain stage in a combo amplifier.


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