Powered by Lace Sluggo Single Coil Neck Pickup Black Cover SALE

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Powered by Lace Sluggo Single Coil Neck Pickup Black Cover

Powered by Lace® Single Coil

Black Single Coil Electric Pickup - Powered by Lace at a great price! High value conventional designed components make up these high performing single coil pickups. Voiced for all around playing, the Sluggo™ single coil will greatly enhance your guitar sound, whether it’s an entry level guitar or your favorite axe. The quickest way to improve your guitar tone is to upgrade your guitar pickups! More output, more definition and bottom will set you apart with this high value priced single coil pickup.


Extra heavy duty copper shielding and neck/bridge with reverse wound/reversed polarity gives the player extra noise reduction. High content steel poles are balanced with Anisotropic Ferrite.

Available: Black or white covers branded with the Powered by Lace® logo.

High Value Suggested Retail Pricing is only $29.99

Position: neck, middle, bridge

Resonant Frequency – 9.4khz


  • Neck – 5.7k


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