Phil Jones Bass Roadcase 750watt Combo 12 x 5″ Black

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Phil Jones Bass Roadcase 750watt Combo is the the most powerful combo with the smallest footprint!

The Phil Jones Bass Roadcase has the convenience of a combo but with output power you get from separate components. It has two channels: Channel one is dedicated for acoustic bass and Channel Two for electric. Its massive 750W RMS power amplifier has the headroom and tone to work on just about any stage.

The 12 “Neo Power” speakers have the finesse to cope with all styles of playing with the weight and authority from a much larger cabinet. Its tiny foot print allows you more space on cramped stages, without sacrificing tone or volume. At the end of the gig, you will appreciate the ease of transporting it, owing to its incredible power to weight ratio and ergonomically designed handling.

(1) Effect Send Jack (2) Effect Return Jack (3) AUX Input Jack (4) AUX Vol. Control (5) Phantom Power On/Off Swith (6) Limiter ON/OFF Switch (7) Limiter Clip Indicator (8) Limiter Level Control (9) Master Vol. Control (10) Power On/Off LED (11) A-ch Input Jack (12) A-ch Clip Indicator (13) A-ch Mute/ Passive/ Active Switch (14) A-ch Input Level Control (15) A-ch Lo-Bass EQ (16) A-ch High-Bass EQ (17) A-ch Lo-Mid EQ (18) A-ch Hi-Mid EQ (19) A-ch Lo-Treble EQ (20) A-ch High-Treble EQ (21) B-ch Input Jack (22) B-ch Clip Indicator (23) B-ch Mute/ Passive/ Active Switch (24) A-ch Input Level Control (25) B-ch Lo-Bass EQ (26) B-ch High-Bass EQ (27) B-ch Lo-Mid EQ (28) B-ch Hi-Mid EQ (29) B-ch Lo-Treble EQ (30) A-ch High-Treble EQ

(1)  Temperature Control Fan (2) D.I. Out (3) GRND Lift Switch (4) Tuner Out (5) Line-Out (6) Headphone Jack (7)Power On/Off Switch (8) AC Power Socket



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