NS CR Omni Bass Boomerang Strap System

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NS Design CR Omni Bass Boomerang Strap System

The NS Design CR Omni Bass Boomerang Strap System gives the player and the freedom to play in virtually any position without stress and fatigue. The simple design incorporates two support arms and a pivoting friction hub that holds the instrument firmly in place, yet allows the instrument to be moved into virtually any position in relation to the hands and body as it is played.

  • Complete freedom of movement for Cello, Omni Bass, and Bass players.
  • Strap holds instrument firmly in virtually any position with instant adjustment for bow and pizzicato technique.
  • Support arms conform to player’s body for stress-free comfort and balance.

The secret of the Boomerang Strap is that the instrument can be rotated into place without moving the strap itself. With the strap over the shoulder like a guitar, the arms adjust to a comfortable position against waist and hips. The player can now move the instrument into the ideal playing position without changing the position of the strap; vertical, horizontal, or anywhere in between, with the fingerboard and strings tilting in toward the body or away, the strap system still remains in place, firm and comfortable against the body. The result is freedom of expression with unprecedented comfort for bow and pizzicato styles of play.

The Boomerang system fits all models of the Omni Bass, NS Double Bass, and NS Cello. The strap system screws into the same mounting insert that is used to for the Tripod & End Pin Stands so that all three support systems are easily interchanged.


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