NS CR6 Radius Bass Limited Edition Natural Satin

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NS CR6 Radius Bass Limited Edition Natural Satin

The NS CR6 Radius Bass Limited Edition in Natural Satin, one of 24 made world-wide! METICULOUSLY CRAFTED in the Czech Republic, the NS Design CR6 RADIUS Bass Guitar embodies a breadth of experience, insight, and design brilliance which only Ned Steinberger can bring to the creation of a new classic. His approach to the RADIUS, as with every new instrument, was to re-explore each facet of a bass guitar, leading to innovations such as the Fusion neck, the Diradial™ body design, the NS tuning system, and the NS/EMG™ pickup system. However, what makes this instrument most remarkable is its seamless integration of feature, form and function.

The sensuous lines of the RADIUS are balanced and refreshing, which is exactly how it feels to hold and to play it. Most of all, the RADIUS is, by design, the most sonically dynamic, versatile and exciting bass available today. According to the editors of the UK’s Guitar & Bass Magazine™, which awarded it 2014 Best Guitar Over £1,000, the RADIUS is “a wonderful instrument that manages to look cooler than a headless bass has any right to,” and “a bass that demands to be played.”

Designed for performance

When you take in the CR6 Radius Bass for the first time, it’s clear that the instrument is built for performance. The maple body and eye-catching flame maple top lend a bright and spirited tone that sets the instrument’s sonic foundation. The concave back contours to your body, making long sets more comfortable than ever. The headless maple neck helps balance the instrument, eliminating neck dive and alleviating playing fatigue in your fretting hand. Painstakingly built in the Czech Republic, the CR6 Radius Bass is ready to re-define what a bass can be.

Purpose-built electronics

NS Designs collaborated with EMG to give the CR6 Bass the versatility that players demand. The bass is loaded with a pair of EMG humbucking pickups with a piezo system located in the bridge. The magnetic pickups offer plugged-in tones that can cover anything from clean jazz lines to heavy, snarling breakdowns. There’s also a piezo blend control, treble and bass cut/boost, and EQ switch. All the electronics run through an onboard 18-volt preamp for exceptional headroom. The sonic range that the CR6 Bass can cover is virtually endless.

The latest Steinberger masterpiece

Ned Steinberger breathed new vision and life into stringed instruments when introducing the L2 bass at Summer NAMM in 1979. Innovatively designed without headstocks, the L2s astonished the music world. Prototypes were quickly sold to such esteemed players as John Entwistle of The Who, Tony Levin of King Crimson, and Andy West of The Dregs. Since then, Steinberger basses and guitars have continued to impress musicians and engineers across the world. Their cutting-edge Headless Tuning systems have introduced a stability that was previously considered impossible. Meanwhile, their Radius body shape, Fusion necks, and EMG humbucking pickup systems allow for an extensive range of tonal possibilities.



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