Maxon SM9Pro+ Super Metal Distortion Pedal

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Maxon SM9Pro+ Super Metal Distortion Pedal

  • SM9Pro+ was developed based on the distortion core of Maxon SM9 (Super Metal 9).
    Original SM9 was sold just after NWOBHM which created a big boom in the late 1970s.
  • SM9Pro+ creates scooped heavy metal tones with high-level gain circuitry and cut midrange circuitry.
    Wide range of setting from NWOBHM to current heavy rock / loud rock using drop D tuning is available
    with simple four control knobs.
  • Operating voltage (9V or 18V mode) is switchable via an internal slide switch accessible through
    the unit’s battery compartment.
    In new power-saving circuitry for SM9Pro+, DC to DC converter only operates at 18V mode.
    When 9V mode is selected, DC to DC converter does not operate, and SM9Pro+ operates with battery or
    AC adaptor directly.
    There is no power consumption for DC to DC converter, which makes battery life last longer.
  • SM9Pro+ has increased dynamic headroom with internal operating voltage set at 18V.
    Stable high-quality sound is available as unintentionally-generated distortion is significantly reduced.
  • TBS (True Bypass Switching) using 4PDT mechanical switch lets your instrument’s signal pass
    through a non-electronic bypass line when the effect is disengaged, feeding your amplifier with direct,
    unaltered signal from your instrument.
    No tone changes when the effect is engaged as signal does not pass through electronic switching circuitry.
    This TBS gains enormous popularity among artists.
  • Easy-access, tool-free battery compartment.


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