Maxon RTC600 Compressor Pedal

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Maxon RTC600 Compressor Pedal

  • Authentic tube compressor offers warm yet bold compression/limiter sound.
  • Low noise and wide dynamic range with precise RMS level detecting circuit and high-performance VCA
    (voltage controlled amplifier).
  • Studio-level setting is available with 3 controls (THRESHOLD, RATIO, GAIN) and 2 envelope controls
  • Variable threshold level (0dBu to -40dBu) offers optimal compression settings.
    NR status LED precisely reflects compression effect while offering easily viewable setting.
  • Variable compression ratio from 1:1 to infinity:1. Output gain is also variable (0dB to 30dB).
    “Brick Wall” limiter and “Soft Knee” compression effects available.
  • 9VDC supplied from AC adaptor is bumped up to 25V (±12.5V) and supplied to compressor/limiter circuit.
    High-headroom and full-range frequency response allows RTC600 to be used with any musical instrument.
  • When power is turned on, tube heater inrush current control circuit extends tube life.
  • TBS (True Bypass Switching) using 4PDT mechanical switch.
  • AC adaptor AC2009 can be used worldwide from 100VAC to 240VAC by auto voltage sensing.
    Main countries’ safety standard approved.
  • FCC Part 15 compliant. RoHS compliant. Made in Japan with confidence.


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