Maxon BD10 Hybrid Bass Driver Pedal

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Maxon BD10 Hybrid Bass Driver Pedal

  • The BD10 Hybrid Bass Driver was designed in cooperation with prominent Japanese Bassist Masaki
    The BD10 features an expressive tonality with strong yet articulate distortion that
    accentuates fast playing techniques such as multi-finger picking and two-handed tapping.
  • The BD10 features independent Level controls for the Clean and Drive signals.
    This allows the user to “fine tune” the balance between clean and distorted signals to obtain
    the ideal mix that compliments their individual playing technique.
  • Thorough research was conducted on Masaki’s equipment to find the ideal distortion type for Bass Guitar. The BD10’s distortion provides harmonically-rich saturation with long sustain and retains note clarity
    and expressiveness even at maximum settings.
  • The word “Hybrid” in the pedal title refers to the joint development effort
    which combined Masaki’s great skill and knowledge of the Bass Guitar with Maxon’s proven and
    trusted reputation in the field of Effects.
  • LED to indicate bypass/effect and battery condition for trouble-free performance.
  • Operates with 9V battery or standard AC adaptor for 9V (not included).



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