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Martin M400 Mandolin Strings 80/20 Light (10-34)


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Martin M400 Mandolin Strings 80/20 Light (10-34)

C.F. Martin & Co. designs their strings the way they design theirguitars – for maximum performance, exacting tone, and playability. Weknow you want strings that will perform on stage or in the studio – orwherever your music takes you. Martin strings are designed to give youexcellent tone, clarity, and response. Martin strings are ideal live,in the studio, or wherever maximum string life and a clear, rich andexciting tone is an absolute must. Martin strings will take you wherever your music goes.

The Mandolin is a splendid instrument thathas become an integral member of the American Bluegrass band. MartinMandolinstrings are crafted to provide rich, warm tones and brilliant longlastingtrebles.


Martin mandolin stringsare ideally suitedfor musicians who need strings with rich, warm tones and brilliant,longlasting trebles. Martin Mandolin strings are made with tin plated steelcorewire and bronzed wrap wire.



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