Loknob 3/4 Black and Silver Universal OD

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Loknob 3/4 Black and Silver Universal OD

NEW UNIVERSAL Black and Silver 3/4″ OD LOKNOB fits most pots

LOKNOB is a knob that not only replaces but upgrades the existing knob and it can lock in your setting. It will fit all types of potentiometers like the popular D shaft or splined shaft. It retrofits easily on most amplifiers,effect pedals,sound boards,powered speakers ,electric keyboards, and even guitars and basses.

Changing settings with LOKNOB is a one handed operation, so they can be easily be changed while playing guitar. They come  in 3 sizes to fit different applications. LOKNOB is also removable and reusable so you can move it to your new favorite amp,pedal or whatever you decide to put it on. So there you have it. LOKNOB is a product invented by a musician for musicians that solves a long time headache!




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