Lock It Strap 2” Silver Checker Poly Guitar Strap with Black Ends

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Lock It Straps 2” Silver Checker Poly Guitar Strap with Black Ends

Lock-it Strap’s all new polypro straps represent the very best value, quality and entry level into our locking technology. Traditionally, polypro straps have served the industry uncompromisingly and still do.
They offer superb strength, adequate comfort and shoulder slip, easy cleanability and the least amount of maintenance.

These straps cover the widest range of use. Having our locking technology on the ends just makes plain good sense!

Length: Poly straps adjust from 36” (91 cm) to 60” (152 cm).

If you’re presently using an ordinary guitar strap, WATCH OUT! It’s just a matter of time when your guitar can slip out and head to the floor. Think about it: Ordinary straps are simply leather ends with a hole. If a guitar-button can get through it one way, there’s nothing preventing it from getting back out the same way. Unfortunately, it usually happens when you least expect it.

guitar strapsThere are many locking systems on the market. One of the most common requires you to remove your guitar’s original hardware, permanently modify your guitar by re-drilling mounting holes, installing the new system, and dedicating a strap and installing the counterparts to go along with it. The finished locking assembly is clunky, noisy, can induce static on recordings and can fail at the strap. Simply put, they’re a hassle to install and not always the ideal solution.

The Lock-it Strap solution is unique in that you don’t have to do any of the above. Our straps are simple and easy to use and go on your guitar much like any other ordinary strap – but they can be ingeniously locked! This is done via a thumb-button that can snap shut, hiding the exit path of the strap, thus preventing your guitar from falling out. And since the locks are embedded in leather, they’re slim, flexible and easy on your guitar’s finish


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