Lemoil By Kwikfret Instument Fret Oil 500ml

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A blend of pure lemon and organic oils. Designed to clean and protect fretboards and all instrument finishes. For best results spray directly or apply to a clean cloth and rub into the fretboard or desired areas.

Lemon Oil is widely recognized as a premium wood and finishing treatment oil. It is fantastic as a wood treatment and sealer, it also cleans and beautifies painted or lacquered surfaces. It has a wide range of applications, such as cleaning and beautifying furniture such as dining tables, bench tops, pianos and the like. It cleans and restores to an instant shine to car painted surfaces. Lemoil has a very pleasant lemon scent so can be used as a deodorizer or fragrance also. This product acts as both a solvent and beautifying treatment without any risk of damage and is not deemed a flammable liquid, therefore very safe to ship. It comes in a 100ml clear PET bottle with a pump spray for easy application to surfaces.


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