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The LEHLE P-ISO XLR TRS combines passive isolation with the highest possible signal fidelity.
Its applications range from isolation and eliminating hum, to balancing and reamplification in recording applications along with any signal routing that requires a clean signal free from noise.
At its core is the high-end LEHLE TRANSFORMER HZ, which galvanically isolates the signal, eliminating any possibility of ground loops. The LEHLE TRANSFORMER HZ was specially designed for use with high-impedance signals but also processes low-impedance signals with uncompromising sound quality.

The classic application for the LEHLE P-ISO XLR TRS is as a reamplification box to eliminate hum noise and unbalancing of the signal. Frequently background noise caused by ground loops occurs when two grounded electronic devices are connected to each other.

The LEHLE P-ISO XLR TRS provides a simple, but extremely effective remedy when installed between the two units. By using the isolator, the devices are galvanically isolated and background noise becomes a thing of the past.

Thanks to its ability to use it in both directions and the choice of balanced or unbalanced processing, the LEHLE P-ISO XLR TRS is eminently suitable for many signal types and in numerous situations.
And just in case you are looking for a power connection: the LEHLE P-ISO XLR TRS performs all its functions without any need for a power supply. And due to its optimised size and low weight, it fits easily below your pedalboard or in any pocket.

• Isolator, Reamplification box and problem solver
• Absolutely no signal loss or hum
• Suitable for balanced or unbalanced signals
• Passive – no need for a power supply


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