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Lace Sensor Man O’ War Music Man 4 Style Bass Pickup

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Lace Sensor Man O’ War Music Man 4 Style Bass Pickup

The Lace Man O’ War Music Man 4 Style pickup utilizes Lace Sensor technology to provide power and punch with great top end definition. It’s passive yet aggressive operation gives piano like acoustic overtones with a full bottom end. In split mode it is similar to a Jazz bass.

The Man O’War Music Man style bass pickup utilizes a dual coil Lace Sensor design with a 5 wire output. It can be wired up in a split, parallel and comes stock wired in series. Wiring in parallel works well with active systems, though the series wiring, as passive, gives thunderous performance.

Think: Flea, Gail Ann Dorsey, Randy Jackson, Tony Levin, Bernard Edwards, Pino Palladino
Sound: A well balanced thunderous presence



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