Lace Pickups Matt Pike Signature “Dirty Heshers” Pickup Set SALE

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The Lace Pickups Matt Pike Signature “Dirty Heshers” Pickup Set set are voiced with the signature sound that Matt first introduced to the world with his legendary band SLEEP and which he refined and perfected with his band HIGH ON FIRE. His unique heavy sound has been captured in these two high output humbuckers, and is just waiting for a chance to escape and slay all who have ears.

Part of the famous Lace Sensor line, this high quality humbucker set- designed to Matt Pike’s specifications- is the perfect combination of power and versatility. To give musicians greater tonal variety, these bad boys can be split for single-coil tones. If you want rich bottom end, savory harmonic depth, and detailed highs- the Dirty Heshers are for you!

  • Position:Neck
  • Resistance:15.8k
  • Position:Bridge
  • Resistance:19k


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