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Lace Pickups Lace Sensor Dually Red/Blue Chrome Covers 27.2K

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Lace Pickups Lace Sensor Dually Red/Blue Chrome Covers

Lace Pickups Lace Sensor Dually electric guitar pickups are nothing short of magical. The tone color combinations available are amazing when pairing 2 Lace Sensors together. Use the Red Blue Dually in full Humbucker (series) mode, or switch them to split mode, either in series or parallel, using a mini toggle switch. Together they have a wonderful Humbucker sound and splitting them adds a whole new tonal pallet that you must hear to believe. The Lace SensorTM is synonymous with ‘World Class Tone’. Lace Sensors have built these world famous patented electric guitar pickups since 1985 and they have been used by Fender® until 1996 on the Fender Strat® Ultra and other Fender electric guitar models. The amazing tone on many of the vintage Fender guitars were powered by this same Sensor technology developed by Lace Guitar Pickups.


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