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Lace Pickups Big Block Humbucker Bridge Matte Black

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Lace Pickups Big Block Humbucker Bridge Matte Black

Lace Pickups Big Block Humbucker is our vintage-style set, offering tones reminiscent of the classic American twin-humbucker guitars of the 1950’s and 1960’s. With these pickups, you get vintage-style tones with the modern features and advantages of a Lace humbucker, such as low magnetic string pull, low noise, and coil split capability.

The neck pickup is balanced and detailed, with clear highs, crisp mids, and controlled lows that will not become mushy or blurry with overdrive. The bridge is slightly louder and thicker, and it sizzles and burns with a sweet sting when overdrive is applied.

If you’re looking for a humbucker set that will give you the classic tones you crave, look no further than the Big Block!


Sensor-Spec’d wire with barium ferrite magnets.

Big Block Neck:

Resistance: 11.7k
Peak Frequency: 2650
Inductance: 4.7 henries

Big Block Bridge:

Resistance: 14.0k
Peak Frequency: 2300
Inductance: 5.9 henries


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