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HORA Musical Instruments SALE

HORA Musical Instruments SALE

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HORA Musical Instruments SALE

European company HORA produce fine musical instruments such violins, violas, cellos, guitars and mandolins. Some great models are in stock now at Eastgate Music!

ECO-88400     Hora Nylon ASHTREE (Hand made in Europe)    RRP  $599.00 SALE     $359.00
N1117 Laura     Hora Nylon Laura N1117 (Hand made in Europe)   RRP  $299.00 SALE     $199.00
ECO GS200     Hora Nylon Cherrytree (Hand made in Europe)   RRP  $399.00 SALE    $255.00
N1150     Hora Nylon Cedar (Hand made in Europe)   RRP  $599.00   SALE  $356.00
SM10     Hora Nylon N1015 (Hand made in Europe)   RRP    $599.00 SALE    $354.00
N1010     Hora Nylon N1010 (Hand made in Europe)   RRP  $399.00  SALE   $253.00
C100     Hora Cello all solid Professsional  w/ Euro strings    RRP  $2,195.00 SOLD    
C200     Hora Cello all solid Professsional Flame Maple w/ Euro strings RRP  $3,895.00    $2,250.00


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