Hiscox HISSTDAC Standard Dreadnought Guitar Hard Case

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Hiscox HISSTDAC Standard Dreadnought Guitar Hard Case

Established in 1985, Hiscox Cases Ltd. is the brainchild of Brynn Hiscox, a professional guitar maker. Being acutely aware of the lack of quality cases on the market, he used his engineering background to design a case that stood up to his exacting requirements. Brynn’s customers demanded cases that had higher protection but with less weight.

This case, part of the Hiscox Standard Series and is designed to fit 90% of acoustic guitars with in a Dreadnought shape. The construction is made up of an outer ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) shell material that is not only chosen for its high impact resistance. But most of all for the ability to chemically bond to the inner moulding. This is during the manufacturing process and creates an extremely strong yet light weight composite structure. The inner moulding of the cases is manufactured from a blend of polyurethane insulating foam which is unique to Hiscox Cases. It is a closed cell semi-rigid low weight design which gives the case a high level of shock protection, excellent structural rigidity and high levels of thermal insulation. A crushed velvet type fabric competes the interior. The fabric is bonded directly onto the shaped foam moulding, giving a neatly tailored luxurious feel, which is perfectly fitted every time.

  • Manufactured in the U.K.
  • High level of shock protection
  • Excellent structural rigidity
  • High level of thermal insulation
  • All fixings are fully tested and it is believed their security is second to none
  • Length: 1067mm
  • Lower Bout: 406mm
  • Upper Bout: 292mm
  • Body Length: 514mm
  • Body Depth: 134mm
  • Empty Weight: 4.04kg


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