Gibson Custom Shop 74 Les Paul Custom Wine Red VOS


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Gibson Custom Shop 74 Les Paul Custom Wine Red VOS
Preloved Gibson Custom Shop 74 Custom Les Paul Wine Red VOS in mint showroom condition with case and candy.

The Gibson Les Paul Custom has gone through many changes throughout the years. Though maple necks, pancake bodies, new hardware and many other option this guitar has had many options but one of the most popular models for those who like to rock out just that little bit harder is the 1974 version. This 2015 reissue of this classic guitar gets as close as you can to an original without needing a time machine.

The Build

’74 was an odd year for Gibson and the Les Paul Custom. It was a bit of an in between model when it came to major changes but the small adjustments they did make to it made it an instant hit with the harder rocking crowd. Originally built with a weight relieved body topped with a three piece maple top this guitar follows along the same guidelines to make sure you get the same bite that the original had. What is really interesting about the body is that it actually has a pancake design meaning that it has a layer of maple between two pieces of Mahogany that make up the bulk of the body. This is something that is unique to a few years back in the 70’s so it is no something you see every day.

The neck is quite different from most other guitars in the Custom Shop line. To make sure it is period correct Gibson have opted to have a 3 piece mahogany neck topped off with an Ebony fretboard on this guitar that has its own unique 1974 slim custom profile that really lets you dig in and get shredding when needed.

Period Correct Hardware

One thing that hasn’t changed that much over the years with the Gibson Les Paul Custom is the hardware. While small manufacturing adjustments have been made and pickups changed a lot of the Gibson Les Paul Custom guitars you see will have the iconic stop tailpiece and ABR-1 bridge setup. This guitar continues with this same hardware style that made this guitar so popular.

Super ’74 Pickups

Gibson have a wide range of different pickups at their disposal. One of the pickups we don’t see very often are these Super 74 pickups that were first introduced the Randy Rhoads Les Paul and have rarely been available since. With a higher output that some of the 50’s and 60’s humbuckers these are suited for those who really like to dig in with a stack amp full of gain. No matter if you want some hot and heavy leads or some smooth shredding tones this guitar can handle it.




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