George Ls 155 Effects Pedal Cable Kit Black

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George L’s 155 Effects Pedal Cable Kit Black

George L’s 155 Effects Pedal Cable Kit lets you get rid of that motley collection of unmatched, crackly old patch cords strung between your effects pedals. Includes 10′ of .155 cable and 10 right-angle solderless plugs. George L’s was voted #1 for sound clarity by Guitar Player magazine.

The Effects Kit is made for the player that wants to customize cables for a pedal board or rack. You can cut the supplied 10 ft. cable any length you want. We also suggest getting our Cable Checker and Cable Cutter. Stress Relief Jackets (caps) are available in a wide array of colors to customize your rig. We put together 10 feet of cable, and 10 right angle plugs and black jackets.

  • 10 inches of .155 cable
  • 10 right-angle plugs
  • 10 Black stress relief caps


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