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Fuchs Plush Pure Gain Buffer Boost Pedal

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Fuchs Plush Pure Gain Buffer Boost Pedal

The name says it all ! We started with a clean sheet of paper approach. A unique circuit topology unlike anything currently on the market, the Pure Gain gives up to 25db of gain (thats about a 20 times increase in your guitars output level), with an astoundingly low noise floor.

By using selected and matched devices in the circuit, premium parts throughout, we have what we believe may be the quietest gain boost on the market. Besides a true hard-wire passive bypass, the gain control allows you to use Pure Gain as an active buffer, which converts your signal from a high impedance input to a low impedance output.

Excellent for driving long cables, driving a pedal board, or use it to drive an overdrive pedal or amplifier into searing high gain territory. Excellent for raising single coil pickups to humbucker levels. A small footprint allows easily fitting it into most pedal boards easily


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