Fuchs Plush Jersey Thunder Bass Boost Pedal SALE

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Plush® is proud to introduce “Jersey Thunder™”, a new gain boost and EQ pedal for bass.

Packaged in a small pedalboard friendly box, Jersey Thunder™ features three modes of operation.

The pedal has true bypass, a solid cast aluminum case, oven baked powder coating and silk screening, and premium passive components.

The unit features a gain control and a variable EQ control.
A three position switch provides a straight gain boost, and two unique bass eq curves, which are adjusted in slope and intensity by the EQ control.

These slopes emulate the more popular EQ curves often used by sound men and recording engineers to give bass a deep extended low end, a recessed lower midrange and high end pop for modern tones.

The pedal is excellent when used with a bass having passive electronics to add clarity and sparkle and the modern tones, without modifying the instrument internally.


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