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Fuchs Plush Good Verbrations Guitar Pedal

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 Fuchs Plush Good Verbrations Guitar Pedal

The same innovative reverb circuit in our Verbrator ® is now available as a dedicated reverb pedal!

Unlike many other reverb pedals, Good Verbrations ® allows you to adjust both the level and decay of the reverb signal. You can adjust from a tight short decay, to a long and lush decay, and with total musicality.

The reverb circuit is an audiophile grade 16-Khz bandwidth digital circuit.

Good Verbrations is extremely low noise, simple to operate, and it can run on guitar or -20-db loop level operation.

Like all Plush pedals, Good Verbrations can run on a 9-V battery or a DC adaptor, features an ultra bright bright LED, and features solid cast aluminum power coated enclosure, heat cured silk screening, dual-sided heavy circuit board, premium switches and controls, and premium electronic parts throughout


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