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Fuchs Pedal Pusher Boost Pedal

The Fuchs Pedal Pusher™ is a unique pedal like nothing else currently on the market: Featuring two fully separate active low noise FET circuits (based on our Pure Gain®), the Pedal Pusher™ can also be used with a single pedal or pedal board and acts as an input buffer and boost, as well as an output buffer and booster.

This pedal allows a pedal board to be driven by a clean low impedance signal to increase the performance of overdrive and distortion pedals and reduce noise and the effect of pedal board wiring, jacks and connectors.

Each gain stage has its own level control, which is bypassed by a footswitch allowing a preset boost for soloing. On both the input and output ends the Pedal Pusher™ provides a low impedance buffered output with a footswitch activated solo boost.

This allows long cable runs without losses in tone, and a boost to drive amp input stages harder. The Pedal Pusher™ can also be used as a series effects loop for amps with passive loops, with separate send and return level controls, a high impedance input (1-meg) and a low impedance output (1-K).


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