Eminence CV-75 Redcoat Series 12″ 75-Watt 8 ohm

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Eminence CV-75 Redcoat Series 12″ 75-Watt 8 ohm

The Eminence CV-75 12″ guitar speaker gives you a great tonal balance with tight and smooth British-style tones reminiscent of 1980’s rock. The 75W CV-75 has a focused, rich tone to it that’s perfect for rock, blues, jazz, indie, and more. Amazing tones you’re playing clean or overdriving your amplifier. Hear your amp come to life with a punchy low-end, warm mids, and airy, open highs. So put one of the world’s most-played speakers in your guitar amplifier, with the Eminence CV-75 12″ guitar speaker!

The CV-75 Speaker Characteristics:

  • Application: 12″ open- or closed-back
  • Configuration: 1, 2, or 4 x 12″
  • Low-end response: Moderate
  • Low-end shape: Tight
  • Midrange response: Aggressive
  • Midrange shape: Warm
  • High-end response: Moderate
  • Breakup mode: Medium



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