Bogner Uberschall Ultra Head MK2 100 watts EL34

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The new Bogner Uberschall Ultra Head the new evolution of the iconic Bogner Uberschall the Bogner Uber Ultra – redefining what a metal amp is!

Bogner Uberschall Mk2 100-watt Tube Head Features:

  • 2-channel ultra-high-gain amplifier head boasting 100W of roaring Bogner might
  • All-tube design with 6 preamp tubes (up to 7 cascading gain stages) and 4 power tubes
  • Each channel sports 3-band EQ to shape your sound
  • Channel one features Clean, Crunch, and Uber modes, with a 2-position bright switch for enhanced articulation
  • Channel 2 includes 3 hard hitting high-gain modes, including Crunch, Uber, and Ultra
  • Metamorph control (tightness) and 3-position voicing switch (Doom, Focused, and Bright) also available on channel 2 for enhanced versatility
  • Gain boost can be accessed via footswitch to slam the front end of your amp
  • Footswitchable FX loop with always active send level control
  • Master Volume control can also be adjusted via footswitch
  • Exceptionally flexible power amplifier with global presence, depth, and density controls
  • Line-out for cab-free recording and performance
  • World-renowned Bogner construction, with the company’s iconic custom metal grille
  • Includes 4-button footswitch


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