Bogner New Yorker Combo 1×12

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Bogner New Yorker Combo – 1×12

The Bogner New Yorker Combo!  The Bogner New Yorker Combo features a class A circuit that can be switched between 6 or 12 watts and is powered from a pair of cathode biased 6V6’s. This gives the Bogner New Yorker Combo a wide dynamic range and clean/dirty tonal capabilities! The Bogner New Yorker Combo is designed to take pedals, really well!

The Bogner New Yorker Combo is testament to the commitment of Reinhold Bogner and his staff at Bogner Amplification. Perfect for the a wide variety of playing styles, 

The New Yorker has the style, feel, tone and flavor of small tweed amps from the 50’s. The uniquely touch-sensitive and dynamic circuit can deliver clean to overdriven tones effortlessly just by controlling your pick attack. The low filtered power supply gives the amp a very loose feel.

The Class A circuit can be switched between 6 or 12 watts and is powered from a pair of cathode biased 6V6’s. The 12 watt setting offers more clean headroom and punch while the 6 watt setting is great for lower volume gigs and studio sessions.

With just a Volume, Tone and 4 position Schizo switch the controls are powerful enough for a wide range of organic tones.

Our Schizo switch offers three tweed inspired and one blackface setting which you won’t find in any other tweed type amplifier design. The range of musical tones are:

Position 1 is a simulated blackface attenuation, scooped mids with most clean headroom.

Position 2 is tweed with a flatter tone for a brown twang.

Position 3 is tweed with tamed gain on treble and bass, more definition for humbuckers.

Position 4 is fat pure traditional tweed tone.

The combos are constructed from solid pine and feature a Baltic birch floating speaker baffle board. This floating design, as offered in several vintage classic amps, allows the speaker and pine cabinet to breath and resonant freely. Many players feel that this lively resonance gives the amp a 3-Dimensional openness almost sounding as though reverb had been added to the notes.

All international amplifiers feature high quality components, custom wound transformers, aluminum chassis and our unique black comet tolex with a classic salt & pepper grill.

For more information on the Bogner New Yorker Combo, check out the Bogner Website.


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