Bogner Helios JB45 Amp Head

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Bogner Helios JB45 Amp Head

The Bogner Helios JB45 Amp Head is firmly rooted in the praised early 60’s Blues and Rock area of electric guitar tone with the ability to reach into the glory of the 70’s classic rock area. 30 watts of power from a pair of KT66 for bold sweet cleans and singing overdriven tones, spiced with some of the magic and flexibility of our Caveman and Telos amplifiers, add a switchable effects loop, and you have an incredible tonal pallet of sounds at hand. A small 21 3⁄4 by 8 1⁄2 footprint make this your easy to go companion.

 Three foot-controllable channels
 Four preamp tubes, 1x Mullard 12ax7, 2x JJ ECC83s, 1x JJ ECC803s
 A duet of TAD KT66 power tubes
 30W class AB adjustable bias.
 Single instrument input
 G channel: RCA circuit from early American tweed and British plexi amplifiers
 Loudness (gain), Schizo (girth gain, attack) and Master (volume) controls
 3 pos. mode switch: Bright (classic open), Beano (fat, sweet) and Hugh (big, bold)
 P channel: medium gain crunch
 R channel: gain boosted clone of the P channel
 Individual 3 pos. gain mode switches: Brown (80’s), Classic (medium) and Breaker (vintage low)
 Common Gain, Schizo (girth, gain, attack) and Master (volume) controls
 All three channels share common presence, bass, middle and treble tone controls
 Series effects loop with send and return level controls
 Excursion 3 pos. power-amp feedback mode switch:
 Vintage Focused (open and tight), Expand Loose (big and loose) and Big Modern (bold and tight)
 2 pos. Variac on/off switch, power amp sag, compression and breakup threshold
 Impedance selector for 16, 8 and 4 ohm dual speaker outputs and lineout connector
 Functions on foot controller: channels G, P, R and effects loop
 Classis traditional Amp head cosmetics
 Black levant tolex with bluesbreaker pinstripe grill cloth and silver piping


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