Bogner Harlow V2 Boost Pedal

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The Bogner Harlow V2 is a unique boost pedal with a “Bloom” compression feature, which brings a dynamic three-dimensional punch and tastefully transparent squeeze to your guitar tone arsenal.  Delivering a wide range of boost – from crystal-clear subtleness to a thick and meaty high-output assault on your amp’s input section – the Harlow sounds so good; you’ll never want to turn it off.  The custom audio transformer allows you to serve up rich, studio quality tones with ultra-dynamic responses and stunning, three-dimensional sound quality inspired by the classic mixing consoles of the 1960’s.

The Bogner Harlow V2 Boost Pedal features a compact pedalboard friendly enclosure allowing you to squeeze even more awesome tone into your existing rig with ease!

  • 100% Analog Circuit Path
  • True Bypass
  • New compact housing
  • Controls:Level, Tone, Bloom (adjusts the amount of compression)
  • Jewel Light: Reacts to the dynamics of your play­ing, depending on the output level of your instrument
  • Power:9-volt DC, negative tip, power connector (no internal battery).HARLOW V2


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