Bogner 2×12 Closed Bottom Stack Cabinet



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Bogner 2×12 Closed Bottom Stack Cabinet

Bogner 2×12 Closed Bottom Stack Cabinet – constructed like our 4×12’s this low profile closed back only 2×12 cabinet was originally intended to be paired and stacked with a 4×12 on top. The depth gives this cabinet a very full sound, highly recommended for higher gain. Speakers are rear loaded but the cabinet can be special ordered as front loaded for an even more aggressive sound. Removable casters with a sliding base-plate are standard.

One of Japan’s most famous bands, the “Bz’s”, like to stack these cabs but many players love to use them by itself. If you plan to pair it with a 4×12 please be advised that most are wired to 16 ohms, in this case please specify that you need the 212 cabinet wired to 16 ohms.

We also offer a “vertical” version (212CBV). They are identical with the exception of the rubber feet and casters being relocated to the end, in addition the Bogner logo is mounted horizontally. The vertical version allows you to have two identical cabinets with small footprints, that take up very little room but sound massive, position them exactly where you want to get your preferred stereo separation. Also perfect in a wet dry wet rig with a 4×12 in the center.


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