Bogner 112CP Closed Ported 1×12 Extension Cab

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Bogner 112CP Closed Ported 1×12 Extension Cab Celestion Vintage 30. We love the sound of this cab here at Eastgate Music. Light and portable perfect for small city gigs and home recording.

Designed to replicate the sound and feel of our 4×12 cabinets we started with mathematical calculations to define the size and ports for matched frequency response, then used the same resonant construction of our 4×12 and fine tuned the cabinet by ear for a near perfect match.

Since the early 90’s these cabinets have replaced the stiff 80’s style units to become the industry standard for stereo and wet-dry-wet rigs as well as home recording, after all microphones think they face a 4×12.

Closed back with dual front ports, plenty of low end with nice bell like highs. Comes standard with a Celestion Vintage 30 at 16 ohm.

The Bogner Bogner 112CP Closed Ported 1×12 Extension Cab features a Celestion Vintage 30, giving a wide dynamic range in a very small package! The Bogner Ported 1×12 Cab is testament to the commitment of Reinhold Bogner and his staff.

Bogner 1 x 12″ Cube Extension Speaker Cabinet Features:

  • Closed-back, front dual-port design
  • 1 x 12″ Celestion Vintage 30 speaker 16 ohm 60watts
  • Multiply birch construction
  • Tolex covering
  • Top handle
  • Rubber feet



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